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He discover music at the age of fourteen, his first instrument was the guitar, at the age of sixteen he buy his first keyboard instrument: an electronic organ. With this instrument begin to play in youngly groups, without no knowledge of reading and writing music, but only on his hearly sensations. In 1980 he was subscribed at the accademy of Flute at Conservatory of music “G. Rossini” in Pesaro, and complete the studies at Conservatory of Music “A. Boito” in Parma, in 1988 with the valutation of 8,50/10.

In parallel to his academic studies, he continued to play in groups of music Rock, Jazz-Rock, Fusion, for which composed numerous songs.

These groups of which he was member:
“Monte dei pegni” until 1980

Polimnia” until 1985, with which he made several live recordings of original songs, now available on CD.

Full Time Quintet” until 1989, with which he made several live recordings of original songs, now available on CD.

On completion of the experience of the above groups and after completion of studies at the Conservatory, explores the various facets of art music, he attended composition courses, a course in music theory at the Conservatory “G. Rossini” in Pesaro during which care reviews posted on the local press for the season of symphonic and chamber music Fano PU Italy, supports the examination for the registration with the SIAE (Italian National Organization for author’s and composer’s rights) and obtain the title of composer in the Music section.

Supports the examination for enabling to music education teacher in public schools.

Form various ensembles, including a Trio (Flute, Violin, Cello), and a Quintet (Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn). It has an experience in symphony orchestra. He enrolled at D.A.M.S. of Bologna, where he brilliantly passed the first two exams. Then suspend the university to begin an activity as technical-political, councilor for culture in his town of residence.

During the four years of administrative activities, initiates and promotes various cultural and musical events. In 1990 the establishment of an arts academy named “Conoscendo” with courses in painting, theater, cinema, and music (classes specific to each instrument and lessons: a popular Conservatory of Music), taking responsibility of the administration, of the organization and management.

In 1991 he is an advocate of the re-establishment of Saltara’s “Banda Municipale” (still operate today) a popular and traditional ensemble closed 40 years before. From 1991 to 1993 he created three editions of the “Balì Festival”. In 1992 created the first edition of “Villas & Castella” (festival still present today, even if with different musical cut) for which he managed administration, organization and music consulting. Organizes and manages various chamber music concerts. in 1996 he created a group of artistic experimentation pluridisciplina (music, pictures, facial expressions), where he deals of research of natural sounds.

In the 1995 he establishes of a group of artistic experimentation, multi discipline (music, pictures, gestures), called “Liber’azione in diretta” where he deals with research of natural sound.

Recently it was also dedicated to the contrabass, with whom he played in the group of street music, “Street Jam“, that has performed live at the regional RAI TG3 Marche. Collaborations at contrabass also in the Street circus show of Clown Carbone and in a theatre show of Stefano Mariani togheter the actor Claudio Tombini.

He teaches flute, makes concerts with the Duo-Berardi Rondina (since 1983), in formations of chamber music, and in the little orchestra of the operetta company “Belle Epoque” of Maestro Giorgio Tazzari.

All the list of musical and cultural activities are on

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