Duo Berardi Rondina (En)


(italian version)
Musical Duo borned in 1983. Repertoire, pieces taken from baroque and contemporary literature.The Duo-Rondina Berardi is proposed in three possible combinations: flute-piano, flute-organ or flute-harpsichord.

The particular sounds richness of the organ, with its differents divisions (two or more manuals and pedal), allows the instrument to simulate the orchestra; for this reason it will be possible to create original organ transcriptions and arrangements of music best known to belong to the typical flute repertoire.

When available organs with adequate structure and disposition, it will be possible to perform even music originally written for Flute and Orchestra.

Enrich the repertoire, songs of his own composition, and “acoustic” adaptations of “Progressive Rock” and “Fusion” songs belonging to the repertoire of previous common experiences in bands “Polimnia” and “Full Time Quintet”.

Tracks marked with “*” can also be performed as flute and organ duo.

J.S. Bach – Sonata BWV 1032 in La maggiore per Flauto e Cembalo Obbligato (*)
J.S. Bach – Sonata BWV 1030 in Si minore per Flauto e Cembalo Obbligato (*)
J.S. Bach – Suite in Si minore per flauto e orchestra (*)
J.S. Bach – Sonate per Flauto e Basso Continuo (BWV1031-1033-1034-1035) (*)
A. Vivaldi – 6 Sonate “Il Pastor Fido” per Flauto e Basso Continuo (*)
G.F.Handel – 7 Sonate per flauto e Basso Continuo (*)
L.v.Beethoven – Sonata in Sib maggiore per flauto e pianoforte.
Gabriel Faurè – Fantasia per Flauto e Pianoforte op.79 (*)
F. Poulenc – Sonata per Flauto e Pianoforte
Claude Bolling – Suite pour Flute et Piano (*)
K.J.Andersen – Scherzino op.55 n.6 fur Flote und Klavier (*)
K.J.Andersen – Walzer op.55 n.2 fur Flote und Klavier
Anonimo Sec. XVIII – Offertorio Pastorale (*)
J.G.Rheinberger – Andante pastorale da “Sonata per organo in la minore Op. 98, nr. 2” (*)
C. Debussy – dalla “Suite Bergamasque” per pianoforte: III. Clair de Lune (*)
C.M.Widor – Suite op.34 n.1 puor Flute et Piano
P.Hindemith – Sonate fur Flote und Klavier
A.Piazzolla – Tango preparense (arranged for Flute and Piano)
E.Burton – Sonatina for Flute and Piano
Polimnia – La Menti, Piccola Canzone, Chiara, Malinconia, Frenesia
Full Time – 88 Bars, Maracanà


He was born in Fano (PU) Italy in 1965.Graduated at Conservatory “G. Rossini “in Pesaro, in piano, organ and harpsichord.

He participated in music courses taught by internationally renowned organists: A. Isoir, M. Radulescu, M. Torrent, W. Zerer, R. Marini, K. Schnorr.

He also attended the courses of Prof. O. Mischiati for the study and census of ancient organs.

As a soloist, and with other groups, he performed in concerts in Italy and other european countries, invited in important organ festivals.

He recorded for the national radio broadcast.

He published some of his original compositions for organ and other famous composers’ transcription for the prestigious publisher “Casa Musicale Eco”, in Monza (MI) Italy.

He is nowadays teacher of Music Theory at the Conservatory “G. Rossini “in Pesaro.

Maurizio Rondina was born in Serrungarina (PU) Italy in 1960.Participate with extreme passion to the various facets of musical art: performance, composition and experimentation, music theory and musicology, teaching, music reviews, goodwill, promotion and organization of musical, cultural and educational activities.

He graduated in flute in 1988 at the Conservatory “A. Boito” in Parma.

From an early age has promoted ​​ensembles devoted to both the classics and pop genres (such as Jazz, Rock, Fusion), and compose original songs for these ensembles

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