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Since May 2013 works with Italian company group Indel B dealing with ERP Oracle E-Busines Suite, ICT Operations, and development, management and monitoring of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) applications on EDIFACT, ODETTE and ANSI-x12 standards.

Since June 2008, to the ultra twenty years work activities as Expert IT and IT Director, alongside activities as Sales Manager for company Syslink AG in Basel, Switzerland, in its commercial division Xandria Distribution, working on promoting and knowledge, for the great Italian companies, whose referring to SAP solutions, the innovative management platform named Xandria, a web portal technology based on SNMP agent interacting with a Management Server, for the automation, for the integrated management, and to ensure the high availability, of companies and large IT outsourcers data centers, under all aspects: proactive and reactive monitoring, Trend Analysis, Automation of Daily Checks, Ticketing, Automatic Documentation, Measuring Levels of Service and Reporting, Integration and value-add of all other Management Solutions, automatic deployment of upgrades and patches, to any kind of operating systems, Java and Database environments, SAP Instances, and more.

In contact with the ‘HP engineering in Atlanta, with the CNR of Pisa, with’ English EasySoft company, recently tested and applied, to Open Source ERP “Senso Pratico” available on HP Itanium platforms and Alphaserver with OpenVMS operating system, the latest Web Services technology to HP ‘s distributed development environment NetBeans, the “relational” access via the SQL database of the same ERP, and “object oriented” access to XML objects written in 3GL.

Since 1991 works steadily with Falcioni Srl, now associated with the group Cefla Scrl Imola, where has developed the ‘Open Source ERP “Senso Pratico”, and where now covers the role of ICT Manager.

From 1997 to 2004 stably, and occasionally still works with Berloni SpA Pesaro, where his work focused primarily on the maintenance and implementation of new applications on company’s ‘Open Source ERP’, as well as administration of their network and HP OpenVMS Operating systems. For the Berloni group has achieved the whole Administrative software package, still in use and on which currently care assistance, maintenance and development as an IT consultant.

From 2002 to 2007 he was ICT Director of Alutitan. He has worked occasionally as a ICT’s consultant even in other two manufacturing companies in the same holding company, that develope the cycle of color and Anodized aluminum profiles. These are respectively Betacolor S.A. Domagnano of RSM and Tecnoal S.r.l. Fano PU

He begun work on networks and systems (as well as software) since 1995, starting from important experience of three years in Intermac (Biesse group of Pesaro) in the years 1995-1997, has held a series of training courses very extensive networks TCP / IP, obtaining certification TNA (TCPIP Network Analist) at Global Knowledge Network.


From 1976 to 1991 (from 1982 in information technology) through the various experiences described in the appendix, complete his training, and from 1991 began to work as a professional free-lance with a direct relationship with companies, working as a programmer-analyst , Managing  HP servers (formerly Compaq, formerly Digital) Alpha and VAX environment in OpenVMS and administrator of TCP / IP. 


In 1991 took two important agreements of professional IT consulting, and based on a traditional open source ERP, manufactures tailor the information system of two small manufacturing companies, SICA Srl in Calcinelli (PU) of furniture, producing crystal bent complements, and Comimpianti Srl in Montelabbate (PU) of the metal sector, producer of cabins and painting facilities. In both, deals the companies acquisition of VAX systems in OpenVMS environment, their installation and configuration, the completion of customized ERP software, and further maintenance and development. At Sica he remain as consultant until 2001 where for over ten years, as well as IT activities is also work on organizational consulting, and from 1997 onwards, was responsible to full introduction of the desktop Windows business and Internet technology. In 1997 the Comimpianti becomes Comimpianti & Falcioni after acquisition of Falcioni Macchine. During this merger deals of integration of the two pre-existing systems, Comimpianti’s customized ERP, and Falcioni Macchine’ s packaged TeamSystem ERP, even here with the full introduction of Windows desktop and Internet technologies. In 2001 Comimpianti & Falcioni S.r.l. joined the group Cefla Scrl Imola. This time dealing with the migration of entire information system from Digital VAX systems to Compaq Alpha systems. He follow a new merger process with an other company of the group (the DIMAC Srl), after that Comimpianti&Falcioni become Falcioni Srl


In 1994 (after the brief encounter of 1988, see Appendix) assumes an important position as IT consultant at Biesse SpA Pesaro, an important group of engineering companies producing machinery for woodworking, known worldwide. Here in the first year produces software applications for various companies in the group (Futura, Selco, Benelli, etc..) then since 1995 became IT director in Intermac Srl, world leading manufacturer of numerical control machines for processing glass, marble and granite. He develops their Customized ERP on their pre-existing Sistema36 IBM, and then he work on migrating it to more recent operating platforms (AlphaServer). In Intermac he also was responsible for implementing the network LAN, following the design, configuration and management. Standardizing to IT’s decision of Biesse Group, he works finally to the actual migration of the entire IT structure to that of the group. There remains until the end of 1997 when was completed the planned work, leaving the Biesse group to assume a new position as IT Consultant in Berloni SpA Pesaro, known company in the furniture industry, the leading manufacturer of kitchens.

From 1996 to 1998, for the holding company Alutitan SA in Chiesanuova of RSM that produce extruded aluminum profiles, install and customize the Open Source ERP “Senso Pratico”, making a thick vertical custom development, for metallurgical companies. The ERP was installed and running in other 2 companies in the same ownership: Metalvis Srl Fano PU and Tecnometal S.r.l. Fano PU.



Since June 1985 working at the same time in SIPREM, where he was employee since 1981, and as free-lance consultant, working part-time with an IT company, the OSAI Consult Srl, IBM reseller in Rimini, which passes through subcontracting to realize customized software solutions. In 1988, several months participate in a project of automation machinery for Biesse SpA Pesaro, a leading Italian companies producing machinery for woodworking. The collaboration with O.S.A.I. Consult instead go away for several years, until 1993. During these years develop, install, and manage software for all business areas (accounting, financial, manufacturing, marketing, etc.) for important companies in Rimini, San Marino, and Cattolica: Mobili Colombini (furniture), Generalmusic (musical instruments), COMECA (doors and windows), Aeffe (fashion), and various travel agencies, to name only the most significant.

1981 – IT Direction in S.I.P.R.E.M. S.p.A.

In 1981, begun his work as technical designer in one of the top engineering firms in the Province of Pesaro and Urbino, the SIPREM SpA company, a manufacturer of machinery and plant wine-making, where over 7 years, it makes his full professional training. From designer, go to industrial processing and business development, then switches to handle the stock, then the accounting industry, finally to data processing center, where in arc of a few months he became the responsible, in cooperation with an outside Consultant. Playing that role from 1982 to 1987, he deepened understand of all business functions, including data-related issues mergers and corporate consolidation by developing totally on the ERP Software. Since 1988, no longer employee in S.I.P.R.E.M. but continues to work for them as a consultant for more 10 years, until the late nineties.